Credit : Maxime Turpin-Bourque
Léa FlorinProject Manager

    Positive, driven, bursting with energy and always ready to help, Léa has the perfect profile to facilitate the team’s work as a project manager. Dedicated, generous and organized, she never turns down a new mission. To be honest, we’re not sure how we survived without her all these years!

    Léa took the plunge into our 3D universe with openness and curiosity, quickly learning the ins and outs of our very niche production. With her curious and lively spirit, these new concepts have undoubtedly been added to the rest of the knowledge bouncing around in her head (new themes for your Thursday lunch quiz, Léa?).

    Lea is a big fan of crispy pork rinds, truly loves animals (quite a combination!) and is very fond of the elderly. She cares for Pixel and Shelby every day, waiting patiently for the time when she’ll eventually have her own ranch and spend all her time galloping through the meadow 😉

    #1 on her bucket list : Buying a ranch in Montana. For my life to be a remake of the Horse Whisperer.